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Introduction to Blast Cleaning

Introduction to Blast Cleaning

Key Features

Surface Preparation is used to remove existing paints, corrosion, or graffiti and to give the surface an etch to allow coating adhesion. In many cases Abrasive Blast Cleaning can provide the optimum method of surface preparation.


    Faster than other methods such as wire brush, chipping hammer, needle scaler.
    Fastest production of all techniques of surface preparation.
    Fully Controllable - Selection of equipment type, media used, pressures, duration of blast etc., allows for a light blast of stonework to back to white metal preparation of heavily contaminated steel.
    Can be used to both remove existing coatings and give a surface profile to ensure a strong bond with the new coating when it is applied.
    Low vibration compared to alternatives methods
    Pressure Blast - a pressure vessel using dry abrasive media is a popular economical and versatile method of blasting for most applications such as removing rust from bridges and other steel structures. Can be fitted with a vacuum system to provide a dustless operation.
    Wet Blast - in situations where dust free or a gentler blast without damaging the underlying surface is required the Satblast unit is ideal.
    Applications include removing graffiti from stonework, and white line removal from roads, and dustless blasting of steelwork.
    Wheel Blast - used in fixed installations with ball shot to clean and peen surfaces by impact.
    Suction Blast - used when more gentle cleaning is needed, requires less equipment.
    Open Blast - often used by on-site contractors were the media will not be recovered.
    Blast Rooms - provide a enclosure for containing dusts and collecting and recovering media.
    Blast Cabinets - normally used to blast smaller objects in a contained environment.

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